About Us

We're a health-focused frozen food and coaching company set up by three friends Gordon, Ian and Tamas. We prepare small batches of healthy, balanced meals created by our Chef (Tamas) and Dietitian (Ian).

Our frozen meals help you fuel your goals one meal at a time. You can be confident you’ll get complete nutrition, rigorously designed by a Dietician and Chef working together to prepare meals for your benefit.

We currently deliver our meals to independent gyms and studios around Gloucestershire looking to offer their clients something unique and different. If you are run a gym or studio and want to know more about what working with us looks like then drop us an email at:


And one of our team will be in touch.

We will soon also be making home deliveries to specific areas around Gloucester and Cheltenham so subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with when you will be able order your meals.


We also offer nutrition coaching packages and are passionate about helping people improve their wellbeing through food. Head on over to our coaching page to find out more.