Nutrition coaching and Dietitian services

Do you get frustrated by all the mixed messages around food? (we do!)

Do you find yourself yo-yoing from one diet to the other never quite making the progress you want?

Perhaps you have had enough of being low in energy and uncomfortable digestion?

If any of the above sound familiar then our coaching team are here to help.


Ian - Head Dietitian


Tamas - Nutrition coach and chef


We can help you cut through the confusion of what to eat and help you move towards a healthier, fitter more confident future.

We know that if you've got a busy family life or work long hours, eating well and being able to put your wellbeing first is a real challenge.

How we work

  • We're skill and habit focused, so you can continue to make progress for life, not just Yo-yo.
  • We can help you make and include tasty food, no matter your dietary restrictions with our chef and dietitian backgrounds
  • We take a long term view and prioritise your whole wellbeing.

What we're not

  • We don't ask you to follow the newest diet fad
  • We're not just going to give you a meal plan (so please don't ask!)
  • We don't prioritise weight loss over your health and wellbeing.


Our programmes

  • Healthology blueprint - Our six week course designed to help you identify the roadblocks to your progress and develop the skills needed to move past them. This is suitable for anybody who has reached a bottleneck in their fat loss progress or who wants to learn the key pillars to sustainable, succesfull fat loss.



  • Change maker - This is our 12 week, one to one coaching program where we give you the tools for making sustained changes and guide you through the process. In these 12 weeks you can expect to see fat loss and weight loss results but the real goal here is to start to develop the skills and habits which will stop you rebounding when you finish the program.



  • Nutrition analysis. Our nutrition software is more powerful than most and allows us to generate detailed reports of macro- and micro-nutrient intakes. Track your diet for 7 days, using our nutrition app, and our dietitian will analyse your diet and provide recommendations on how to improve your dietary intake.





We're really proud of our clients and the progress they make. Here's just some of the feedback we've received from past and current clients working with us:

 "By working with Ian I've completely changed my relationship with food. I no longer feel the constant need for sugar and can make food choices that I enjoy and that are nourishing for my body".


"Ian has helped me figure out how to balance eating well with a 70 hour work week and I've learnt the skills to help me adapt and be resilient to change without relying on food".



"Tamas's energy and enthusiasm has been great for giving me the confidence and belief that I can make changes to my diet. It's gone far beyond just my food choices and I'm reaping the benefits in other areas of my life too".



If you would like to find out more about any of our coaching programs. Book a call with our dietitian Ian who will be able to help you decide which is the right fit for you.